The Tunes

I’ve been getting regular feedback inquiring about where you can find the music that we use, so here’s a handy-dandy little list that I will keep updating with every episode that goes live.

Episode XXV Part I – Kubbi – Indolence (Renovation Mix)
Episode XXIV Part II – Bloerb – Adorno Would Hate This Song
Episode XXIV Part I – Kommisar – Stardust
Episode XXIII – Laffe the Fox – Circus Fox
Episode XXII Part II – Xylo and Cerror – Fondue de la Fromage
Episode XXII Part I – Shirobon – Cyber Party ft Radix
Episode XXI – Decktonic – This Love is Faux Real
Episode XX Part II – Roboctopus – All Out of Bubblegum
Episode XX Part I – Poisoncut – Midnight Diversion
Episode XIX Part II – Zef – Livewire (Electro House LSDJ)
Episode XIX Part I – KarthikBeware I Live
Episode XVIII Part II – Hawkfather – Glitterbug
Episode XVIII Part I – Jredd – Sly Fox (Featuring Rob)
Episode XVII Part II – Roboctopus – Midnight at the Ice Palace
Episode XVII Part I – G0DLIKE – Reach The Stars
Episode XVI Part II – Albino Ghost Monkey – Afterthought
Episode XVI – SolarBear – One Last New Year
Episode XV – Danimal Cannon – Roots
Episode XIV – x Critical Strike x – Cupcakes (So Sweet and Tasty!)
Episode XIII – Soleviio – The Boy Who Fought The Lightning
Episode XII – DisasterPeace – That’s Mister Coconut to You
Episode XI – Zen Albatross – Bloom (SUPA SUPA KAWAII DESU DESU HAPPY TIME ^____^)
Episode X – PandaMindset – SpaceSleepers
Episode IX – Jakim – Whatever it Means
Episode VIII – SolarBear – How to Properly Use a Semicolon
Episode VII – PDF Format – Gen’s Song
Episode VI Part II – Questiion – Greatful Eight’s
Episode VI Part I – KnarmahFox – Overworld
Episode V – Questiion – Programming the Fruits
Episode IV – RutgerMuller – 8-Bit ElectroHouse
Episode II – Questiion – Serious as an Attack Button
Episode I – Questiion – A Variables Variable