Episode XXV Part I

You made it through Black Friday. Now try and survive the Christmas sales.

Caaaaaaarrrrrl! Episode XXV Part I of IRL-Game Chat is now live!

This episode features our opinions on the battle between Games For Gold and Playstation+ this month and the rest of the news we care about revolving what’s left for the now past-gen consoles. We also chat about Luke’s experience with Lone Survivor, the abysmal user scores for Xbox One and PS4 titles on Metacritic, the NPD sales numbers for October, the extreme PS4 Playroom Twitch streams, and discuss how WiiU shapes up in the newly begun current-gen as well as how Dark and Demon Souls inspired the PS4 design. As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments our way as they’re greatly appreciated, and could be featured in our next episode!

Music Credit goes to Kubbi, titled Indolence (Renovation Mix).

Some links we mention in this episode:
Black Friday Supercut

Thanks for listening, and game on!
Joe Finley (@MrSpudWinters)
Luke Schirmer (@LevelUpLuke)
IRL-Game Chat (@IRLGameChat)


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