Episode XXI

‘Turning ten isn’t easy, when you’ve heard the call of duty…for the first time.’

Sweet merciful crap! Episode XXI Part I of IRL-Game Chat is now live!

This episode features our opinions on the debate over interval vs external storage, Battlefield 4 on PS4 vs XBox One and all of the news we care about revolving the Q2 earnings around the industry. We also wish Call of Duty a happy birthday and chat about The Walking Dead: 400 Days, the original God of War, Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed 4, the enormous amount of Greenlit Steam games as well as whether or not releasing games as episodic content is a positive business model. As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments our way as they’re greatly appreciated, and could be featured in our next episode!

Music Credit goes to Decktonic, titled This Love is Faux Real.

Some links we mention in this episode:
PS4 vs XBOne BF4 comparison video
Slender Man video
Breaking the Splatterhouse World Record
Youtube reacts to Beyond: Two Souls video
IGN’s A Visual history of CoD
Kotaku CoD article ‘We are still shooting the hinges and it still sucks.’
What’s censored in Japanese GTA V video
British Grandma playing GTA video

Thanks for listening, and game on!
Joe Finley (@MrSpudWinters)
Luke Schirmer (@LevelUpLuke)
IRL-Game Chat (@IRLGameChat)


One comment

  1. Let me add my two cents to the internal/external storage debate. To me, the most important issue at this point is that PS4 will not support DLNA so that I won’t be able to stream music and videos from my PC to the console. My and my wife use this functionality a lot with the PS3 because it’s easy to stream videos with subtitles form the computer to the console. Hopefully, this will be sorted out with a firmware update someday in the future and it’s not that bad since my PS3 isn’t going anywhere for now 😉

    I’ll be switching to a 1TB HDD on the PS4 immediately and I will upgrade my 120GB PS3 using the 500GB PS4 HDD. That’s a lot of letters and digits, isn’t it? 🙂 I used to have an external drive connected to the PS3 but I haven’t really used it that often and now it’s more of a backup device for all my data, not PS3-specific. I find the possibility of upgrading the internal HDD more important than having the option of plugging in an external drive to the console.

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