Episode XVII Part II

‘The enemies that won’t die, in the horror genre that won’t end.’

Inconceivable! Episode XVII Part II of IRL-Game Chat is now live!

This episode features our opinions on GTA V’s little details and personal experiences, and all of the news we care about revolving upcoming horror games such as The Evil Within, Dying Light, and SOMA. We also chat about Dark Souls II as well as excessive DLC and micro-transactions in the industry. As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments our way as they’re greatly appreciated, and could be featured in our next episode!

Music Credit goes to Roboctopus, titled Midnight at the Ice Palace.

Some links we mention in this episode:
Five ways you can make GTA V more immersive
100 little things in GTA that will blow your mind
Interview with GTA cast
GTA physics look even more stupid in real life
Amnesia dev Frictional Games new teaser for SOMA: ‘Vivarium’
South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer
Dying Light gameplay trailer
RE4 prototype trailer
Dark Souls 2 co-op footage
Mighty No. 9 footage
Mighty No. 9 heroine vote
Middle of Nowhere Kickstarter
Improv Comedy Can Save The World documentary IndieGogo

Thanks for listening, and game on!
Joe Finley (@MrSpudWinters)
Luke Schirmer (@LevelUpLuke)
IRL-Game Chat (@IRLGameChat)


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