Episode XIII

“PAX is a thing of the past.”

Jiminy cricket! Episode XIII of IRL-Game Chat is now live!

This episode features our opinions on Keiji Inafune’s Mighty Number 9, as well as how Luke’s opinion on DMC differs from long-time fans of the series and all of the news we care about revolving PAX. We also chat about GTA V, The Last of Us’ recent patch/update, the mysterious ‘Free The Games’ Ouya kickstarter speculations as well as how we feel about DLC for the next-gen. As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments our way as they’re greatly appreciated, and could be featured in our next episode!

Music Credit goes to Soleviio, titled The Boy Who Fought The Lightning.

Some links we mention in this episode:
Did indies kill the ‘B’ game?
Doubts cast on Ouya’s kickstarter campaign
GTA V week on IGN
Twitter reacts to Nintendo’s 2DS announcement

Thanks for listening, and game on!
Joe Finley (@MrSpudWinters)
Luke Schirmer (@LevelUpLuke)
IRL-Game Chat (@IRLGameChat)


One comment

  1. Great show guys.

    I actually do enjoy Dead Space 1. I mean you’re in space; you shouldn’t be able to have agility, which results in a new combat style.

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