Episode XI

“A whole week ago, at a Gamescom far, far away…”

Huzzah! Episode XI of IRL-Game Chat is now live!

This episode features our opinions on the news from GDC and Gamescom, and Sony and EA’s livestreams. We talk about launch lineups, why we both want an Xbox One and PS4, and the incredible potential of the PS Vita in this upcoming generation. We also cover a slew of indie titles, and chat about why they should no longer be judged for that moniker.  As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments our way as they’re greatly appreciated, and could be featured in our next episode!

Music Credit goes to Zen Albatross, titled Bloom (SUPA SUPA KAWAII DESU DESU HAPPY TIME ^____^).

Some links we mention in this episode:
Joe’s chat with Alan on Project Spark
GDC: Infographic about the flow of information today
GDC: SOE working to protect devs from harassment
GDC: David Cage talks about the future of cinematic gaming

Thanks for listening, and game on!

Joe Finley (@MrSpudWinters)
Luke Schirmer (@LevelUpLuke)
IRL-Game Chat (@IRLGameChat)


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